Vivian Amegashie is a mother, sister, and friend to many, who knows what it feels like living with acne. Having grown up with flawless skin and eating anything, she experienced debilitating breakouts of hormonal acne, IBS, and declining health herself, culminating in early menopausal symptoms.

On her own personal journey to clear skin, Vivian studied nutrition and skincare to heal her acne, acne scars and reverse menopause. Vivian has done many research and does continious learning  to lead people on a journey to clearer skin, better health, regained confidence, and a healthier lifestyle. Vivian Amegashie is the Author of ACNE the facial diabetes, her Clear Skin Protocols have improved not only acne and acne scars but other skin and health concerns like Hyperpigmentation, IBS, GERD, and even reversed the early onset of menopause..

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