Riovian’s Classic Couples Massage

GHS 400

Great Way to be connected with your loved one. Share a wonderful treatment with your loved ones, friends or family in our warm, cozy couples’s room. Enjoy a 1 hour couples’ massages.

Riovian’s Relax Massage ( 50 min )

GHS 200

The massage therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure.  In a relaxation massage, there is less emphasis on working out chronic underlying muscle tension -- the adhesions or "knots" and muscle restrictions in the muscle tissue.  That's because deep tissue work can be uncomfortable, and during a relaxation massage you just want to drift away and feel good.

Deep Tissue Massage: Couples %10off

GHS 230

Deep tissue massage is great for easing persistent muscle discomfort. Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia (the tissue covering muscles), releasing painful knots and reducing overall aches and pains.

Head & Scalp Massage 15min

GHS 50

Scalp massage can help relieve tension headaches. We spend extra time on the base of the skull, near the hairline, because tension often accumulates in this area.  We massage the forehead and temples  to relieve any tension headache. Scalp massage may also help relieve symptoms of migraine headaches.

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