Why You Need a Consultation
We believe that in consulting with a professional – as with all things in life – “you get what you pay for.”
If You Pay Nothing, You Receive Nothing In Value
Unfortunately, too often, a “free consultation” for An Aesthetic advice turns into nothing but a high-pressured sales pitch.
Rather, a professional consultation should be a learning experience, an educational opportunity for you and not a “sales closing.” It should function solely for your benefit and to your advantage.
The amount of our initial consultation fee should not really play a role in deciding if you should consult or not. After all, you will presumably be spending hundreds of cedes which could cost many more hundreds to try to correct a skin care concern if the wrong product is purchased with others, so an extra two or three hundred in consultation fees should not be a basis for narrowing the field. You might think you’re saving money by consulting free with 3 or 4 other skin care retailers who charged no initial fee, but in hindsight realize that the best Aesthetician was the 5th one who charged a fee (she ended up correcting part of a skin care concerns that was created by others ). I feel that Aesthetician who charge no consultation fee use it as a sales tool to attract clients while we that charge a fee may be relying more on our reputations.”
After All, Not Everyone Is Certified.

Consultation Benefits

Choosing the right skin care solution can be very challenging, that's why you need a skincare solution that is as unique and special as you are. Our skincare concierge will schedule a WhatsApp meeting from the comfort of your home office or country and provide personalized analysis, no generic recommendations.

Our certified Esthetician/Nutritionist is waiting to work with you to help you select the perfect products for your specific needs, and the process couldn’t be simpler.

40min Skin coaching via WhatsApp only( GHS 380 )


What you should expect 

1.Virtual consultation 
We will keep records of your skin needs and preferences, and the services provided.
We will Refer you to a medical personnel for treatment of serious skin problems if we notice any.


2.Evaluate your facial or body skin to maintain and improve its appearance, using specialized virtual form and recommend authentic products (not included in consultation fee charged)

3.We will demonstrate how to clean and care for skin properly, and recommend skin-care regimens and treatments.  This is an opportunity to address your skin care issues, concerns and questions with Riovian, a certified Esthetics Practitioner, without even leaving your home.

To book a chat slot kindly email or click on the

WhatsApp link below


Confidentiality is our priority - we  are your Esthetician/Nutritionist  promise to maintain all patient personal data and information private.
Kindly note:  We love to give advice, but our communication is not to be construed as medical advice.

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