Elim luxury pedicure + Opi polish: The Elim Medi-Heel Pedicure treats the feet by using a step by step exfoliation system a perfect treatment for soothing tired feet. Dead skin will be removed chemically using keratolyic solutions that remove only dead skin cells allowing new skin to surface. Feet will be exfoliated to leave skin polished followed by a foot soak to replenish tired feet.  Your new skin will be applied with hydration mask and finished with Elim Medi-Heel nourishing perfector cream

GHS 120

Elim luxury pedicure + parafin wax: The paraffin and wax in this treatment has their ways of invigorating the skin and healing it. Paraffin is an emollient that is known to moisturise the skin whilst wax can also make the skin look supple. These two, in short, can make the skin smoother by removing dead skin cells and by brushing away cracks from heels.

GHS 150

Elim Mani: The perfect renewal treatment for a tired hands

GHS 80

Exfoliation Enriched Manicure: Great for rough skin on the hands, this mani will bring your hands back to life.

GHS 80

Regular Manicure

GHS 60

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