Glutathione brightening lotion is ideal for perfecting the skin.


Designed for black and mixed skin prone to skin imperfections.


It moisturizes, tones and smoothes the skin texture. Moreover, it blurs the hyperpigmentation spots thanks to the presence of lightening active ingredients contained in its formula. It provides a clean, smooth and unified skin.


Pores are tightened The skin is hydrated The spots fade and the complexion is cooler Glutathione lotion contains Water witch hazel leaf: astringent, tonic and purifying Unifying plant complex: acts directly on the pigmentary spot by reducing its visibility and unifies hyperpigmented areas. Salicylic acid: keratolytic and anti-bacterial agent, purifiesand smooths the skin texture Marigold flower extract: soothing and soothing Rosehip fruit extract: astringent and invigorating Glutathione: powerful antioxidant, slows cell aging and clears complexion Bisabolol: soothing and healing


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