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HT26 Caviar Shower Gel

HT26 Caviar Shower Gel

Tone revealed

  • For a healthy-looking skin and a luminous complexion. 
  • Shower Gel with Caviar extracts. 
  • Paraben, silicones and phenoxyethanol free. 


Capacity: 1000ml


Product Benefits:

The Caviar Shower Gel HT26 is a very light and soft shower gel that cleanses, intensively nourishes your skin while helping to get rid of dark areas. Its unique concentration of plants and lightening active ingredients, also enriched with caviar extract, will give this shower gel a great efficiency. 


Active ingredients:

The Caviar Shower Gel HT26 contains: 

  • Caviar extracts: A nutrient rich in phospholipids and phosphoproteins, naturally present in our skin, which will prevent aging effects.
  • Clarifying agents: These are all natural agents from acid fruits and fungi that naturally clarify the skin and even skin tone.


Paraben, silicones and phenoxyethanol free. 


Usage tips:

Spread generously over the entire body moistened. Massage to release the foam and rinse thoroughly.  


Complementary care:

HT26 - Intensive Concentrated Whitening Cream Caviar

HT26 - Multi-lightening Body Lotion Caviar 

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