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HT26 Exfoliating Clearing Face Mask

HT26 Exfoliating Clearing Face Mask

50 ml



The surface of black or dark skin often contains dead cell layers which block the pilosebaceous duct thus giving the skin a dull, ashen appearance. The EXFOLIATING FACE MASK HT26 contains plant active substances including willow extract which, through its keratolytic properties, accelerates cell renewal. It helps to eliminate the melanin present in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and, through exfoliation, prepares the skin to receive the active substances contained in HT26 skin-care products.  



Use the EXFOLIATING FACE MASK HT26 twice a week. Apply to the face and neck in thin layers, avoiding the area around the eyes. -Leave for 5 minutes (for fine and dry skin types) -and 10 minutes (for thick, problem and oily skin types). Exfoliate the face using a moistened HT26 PURIFYING SCRUBBING FACIAL SPONGE in circular movements.

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