Brightens and unifies for a radiant
Pigment spots corrector.
Skin with imperfections 
12 x 5 ml


Products Benefits :


Glutathione whitening serum is a concentrated lightening active ingredient specially formulated to target and treat stubborn and intense pigment spots on the face. It evenly tones the complexion and reveals the radiance of the complexion. After several uses, the skin is clean, clear and luminous.



  • Softens and makes the skin silky 
  • Lightens deep spots
  • Gives clarity and brightness to the complexion


Active substances

PRESCRIPTION Glutathione Whitening Serum contains : 

  • Lightening plant complex: acts as an anti-stain by limiting hyperpigmentation and dark areas.
  • Salicylic acid: keratolytic and antibacterial agent, purifies and smooths the skin texture
  • Marigold flower extract: soothing
  • Glutathione: powerful antioxidant, slows cellular aging and brightens the complexion


Usage Tips : Wash your face and apply theentire bottle. Then apply thefabric mask to your facerespecting the holes for the eyes,nose and mouth. Leave the maskon for 15 minutes. Clean withclear water. Beauty ritual to beperformed once a week.