Clean your skin and brighten your complexion  For a healthy-looking skin and a luminous complexion.  Shower Gel with Gold extracts.  Paraben, silicones and phenoxyethanol free.  Let yourself drop into the greedy freshness of this shimmering shower gel. Its glittering formula is the result of the precious alliance between Gold and Argan.   
HT26 has made for you a product combining LUXE and CARE. 
Active mined gold: gold reveals and unifies the skin complexion, removes imperfections. Gold revitalizes and harmonizes your skin through its antioxidant effects. 
Argan oil: this precious and rare oil nourishes, repairs the most damaged skin and scars over. Clarifying agents: These are all natural agents from acid fruits and fungi that naturally clarifies the skin and evens skin tone.

HT26 Shower Gel Gold & Argan