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HT26 Silky Bath Sweetness

HT26 Silky Bath Sweetness

At the cotton flower. For cleaning smooth!

This Silky Bath is a shower gel designed to give you a moment of pleasure with its enchanting fragrance and silky texture.


Bottle: 320 ml


Product benefits:

  • HT26 smoothing serum smooths and hydrates.
  • HT26 smoothing serum improves the texture of your hair thanks to the revitalizing properties of silk proteins.
  • HT26 smoothing serum smooths the hair and make them more resistant to external aggressions. It was specially designed for relaxed hair or very dry, frizzy and damaged hair for.



  1. Smooths, nourishes and softens the hair thoroughly. Thus, hair is easier to style.
  2. Repairs brittle and damaged hair and restores strength and shine.
  3. Protects hair from dehydration due to the virtues of silk proteins.

Active ingredients:

HT26 smoothing serum contains:

  • Silicone: Smooths hair without grease.
  • Spinal bamboo: nourishes the hair while the restructuring.
  • Protein silk creates a thin layer that reduces water loss while softening the hair so marked.



Apply smoothing serum HT26 on wet or dry hair every day for your hair.

Invisible protective film and gives a silky texture to your hair.

Supplements should also be natural hair (wig, lace wig).

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