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HT26 Vergeturis Brightening Body Cream

HT26 Vergeturis Brightening Body Cream

Erases stretch marks and evens skin tone!

  • Enriched with active repairers
  • For damaged and dull skin
  • Paraben free, silicone free

500ml pot

Creamier and more nourishing


Product benefits:

Unsightly markings indicating an alteration of skin elastic fibers, stretch marks are often the source of many concerns. Aware of this, HT26 has developed a fluid emulsion targeting the stretch mark. The plumping and nourishing assets of the Body Cream Vergeturis tone the skin from within. Your skin is protected, more flexible, unified, stretch marks are erased gradually.


  • Plumps and nourishes your skin, giving it flexibility and elasticity.
  • Gradually evens the skin.

  • A soft and smooth skin with no stretch marks.


Active ingredients:

The Body Cream Vergeturis HT26 contains:

  • Sweet almond oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil: nourishing oils, softening, soothing and healing.

  • Shea butter: nourishes and beautifies the skin.

  • Collagen and Elastin: excellent plumping agents for real effectiveness on stretch marks.


Usage tips:

Apply a generous amount of milk throughout the body, rubbing in the stretch marks. Massage until the cream is completely absorbed.


Complementary care: 

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