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HT26 White Essence - Correcting Brightening Serum

HT26 White Essence - Correcting Brightening Serum

Erases spots!

Face and body
120 ml


Product benefits:

This correcting serum is an intensive local treatment for targeted action against pigment spots. It acts with precision to help to correct pigmentation imperfections, to even out skin tone, but also to help to prevent the appearance of new spots. Pigmentary imperfections are visibly reduced, the complexion is unified, clarified, luminous. 



  • Quickly eliminates dark spots.
  • Lightens and makes the skin more beautiful.


Does not contain hydroquinone or corticosteroids.

Usage tips:

The HT26 White Essence - Correcting Brightening Serum can be used directly on the tasks but can also be mixed your body milk in order to reinforce the brightening properties.


Complementary care:

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