Benefits of Luminous UltraGlow
Luminous UltraGlow Toner uses
breakthrough ingredients to
whiten skin while fighting oil!

  • Control oil and mattify skin

for a perfect texture without

  • Leaves skin feeling smooth

and clean, not tight and dry

  • Works great with acne prone


  • Contains 5 natural whitening

ingredients: Licorice Root
Extract, Mulberry Root
Extract, Baikal Skullcap Root
Extract, Artemisia Capillaris
Flower Extract, Zizyphus
Jujuba Fruit Extract

  • 100 mL squeeze bottle

Proven, Natural Whitening 


Ingredients – Luminous UltraGlow
Toner combines the power of 5
natural extracts with Niacinamide
to whiten skin and reduce the
appearance of dark spots and
discoloration. The toner base
primes skin for maximum
absorption by removing dirt, dust
and dead skin.
Perfect Skin Texture – Control oil
and give your skin a perfect,
matte texture without the use of
makeup. Unlike other serums, this
will not dry out your skin and will
instead leave it feeling smooth
and clean.


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