Using two botanical ingredients that target the fat cells on a chemically molecular level; this safe and effective cream provides both the stimulation of lipolysis (Fat breakdown) and prevention of abdominal preferential fat deposit. (Fat storage) 
To stimulate fat burning we’ve included Guarana extract which is rich in caffeine. This encourages lipolytic activity by stimulating adrenaline receptors common in the abdominal area, to simulate fat burning conditions and the body’s natural fat burning response. 
From the Citrus Aurantium Amora we use the Bitter Orange Peel extract, which is rich in Hespertine. Hespertine is an Anti-Aromatase agent. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts Testosterone into Estradiol (a contributor to the increased fat of the abdomen). By inhibiting Aromatase, the Orange peel extract diminishes the Testosterone to Estradiol conversion rate, preventing and delaying the inclination of the body to deposit fat in that area. 
By moderating testosterone levels, this mode of action is directed speci cally for men, helping to deplete and prevent love handles. These wonderful ingredients and their targeted technique can significantly reduce waist size, up to 4.5 cm 
in as little as one month. Combined with regular exercise and healthy eating, you’ll be on your way to a slimmer looking abdomen in no time.

RSC Men’s Masculine Cream