Climb back in your bathing suit with confidence, thanks to Riovians skin care revolutionary Stretch Mark Cream. Thanks to scientific advances in ingredient technology, we’ve formulated a Cosmetic miracle to successfully treat and prevent Stretch Marks. 
For better preparation during pregnancy and confidence boosting results, it uses unique ingredients that go to work fading the scars, while moisturizing the skin. 
* Fades the appearance of Stretch Marks 
* Moisturizes and nourishes skin for increased elasticity 
* Helps prevent the occurrence of future Stretch Marks 

We’ve incorporated 3 wonderful active ingredients into this cream to achieve both removal and prevention of Stretch Marks 
To erase Marks already present, we’ve added a powerful peptide called Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5. This stimulates the production of Collagen which in turn increases the cellular density of the affected area. The reparation of cellular density results in the fading and diminishment of the scars. 
Since Stretch Marks result from the skins’ inability to keep up with the bodies’ sudden stretch, we’ve included Panthenol; a nourishing Vitamin. This hydrates the skin to increase suppleness and elasticity, allowing more flexible skin adaptation when undergoing rapid stretch. 
Finally, we’ve used a safe botanical extract called Marrubium vulgare that protects the skin from degradation, and reduces any inflammation that may occur during stretching. Blended together in a rich and nourishing moisturizer, this remarkable cream smoothes out ridges while boosting your skin’s flexibility. 
Stop worrying about the effects of pregnancy or growth spurts, and stop considering dangerous and costly surgery. Thanks to this safe and natural lotion, the effects of pregnancy or any other Stretch Mark catalyst can be treated and maintained without hassle, in just a few simple daily applications