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RSC Stretch Marks & Scar Day Cream

RSC Stretch Marks & Scar Day Cream


RSC Stretch Marks & Scar Day Cream 

Delivers multiple benefits and real results:

-  Evens out skin tone

-  Increases skin firmness

-  Decreases the length and depth of the stretch marks and scars

-  Restores the tone and elasticity to the skin


Results you can see and measure:


Rsc stretch mark day cream combines Elastonyl®️, CollaxylTM with other naturally-derived ingredient (such as rosehip seed oil to give truly outstanding results.


Stretch marks are caused by the breakdown of the underlying collagen network caused by stretching of the skin. One of Elastonyl's®️ primary actions is to repair stretch marks by stimulating collagen production. This was demonstrated in an important clinical study on Elastonyl®️ which showed a 62% increase in collagen synthesis following application of a cream containing Elastonyl®️.

A second key ingredient in The Complete Stretch Mark and Scar Cream is the peptide Collaxyl'sTM  (hexapeptide-9) which has been experimentally shown to benefit skin repair.

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