Moisturizing, Repairing, Antiblemishes
Body Care All skin types
Capacity : 500ml


HT26 RECOMMENDS The SUBLIME COMPLEXION LIGHTENING CREAM WHITE ESSENCE is a compact cream 3 in 1. It hydrates and repairs your skin and protects it against the outside attacks. Bleaches apparently the skin without damaging it and shades off gradually the present dark spots on your body. Its daily application on the whole body will allow you to obtain a unified complexion and will give to your skin the luminosity wished in a soft and homogeneous way. Thanks to its compact texture and its concentrated formula, the Sublime Complexion Lightening Cream is particularly effective on the darkest parts of the body (legs, feet, elbows, knees) HT26 EXPLAINS Apply over darkest parts and massage it until complete penetration. Effects will appear very quiclky.

White Essence Sublime Complexion Lightening